This is the classic Master's Logic (also known as Master Mind) party, where four hidden colors as the puzzle has to be solved. If you have never played Master's Logic before, start this game, but first read the description below.


The markers disappear after some seconds in the difficult game, so you have to be very careful and try to memorize the colors and numbers of the signals, so you can resolve the puzzle.

Master's Logic is a simple yet great and fun game for two, which game is known for the small colored knobs and the white/red (in some cases black) markers. The essential of Master's Logic is that one picks and hides four different colors of the given six, then the other party tries to resolve the puzzle.

The problem is set by the computer, and you have to answer the problem. So here it how it goes: when the game is launched the computer hides four colors - marked with question marks -, and you have to guess the first line by picking four different colors. It is no problem whatever you guess at the first line since no information is provided yet about the puzzle itself. By clicking on the button 'GO!' the four colors as your first guess are sent to the computer which evaluates this by small marker rectangles. This is very important since the next guess has to be based on the evaluation and your sixth sense. The black marker (rectangle) means that one of the colors you picked is included in the puzzle, but the spot was missed. The white rectangle means that the color and the spot for one of the colors is OK. If the marker has no color means that one of the colors was not included in the puzzle. The situation is even more complicated since the spots of the markers are not in connection with the spots of the colors, so e. g. the top left marker does not evaluate necessarily the first spot of your actual line. Nevertheless, after two or three lines more and more information is provided, so the solution shall be getting closer and closer after each line.

Let's see an example with the puzzle unrevealed! The computer gives the following puzzle (that is hidden by question marks in the real game):


And this is our first line:

The evaluation would be two blacks, and the two others would remain empty since the puzzle contains only the blue and the green, but the spots were missed for both. So now we have to change two colors obviously, and the other two colors - in a real game we would not know which two - have to be placed in other spot:

Now a white marker appears too, since green is a good color on the good spot, and we would get two blacks too, since red and yellow are included in the puzzle but at other spots. All we need is some more guesses (lines) to put and enough information would be given so we could resolve the puzzle. So after all the four colors and their spots are correct the computer evaluates that line with four whites and the next game can be launched. The results of the matches are stored for registered users. It is important for registered users that once a game is launched it has to be finished else leaving (or even reloading) the page will result in a given up game at the statistics.

It is recommended to register so a lot of interesting statistics would be stored concerning your games. The more you play the higher rank you get! Good luck and have fun!

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